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Now there is a way to go back in time and revisit the GM Motoramas. The video Those Fabulous GM Motoramas is your time machine and you are in for a great ride! This is by far the most complete video history ever assembled on the Motoramas and is a culmination of 14 years of research and material gathering. 

The years of the Motoramas represented the heyday of Dream Cars that influenced the design of General Motors cars for years to come. This video runs 100 minutes and is jam packed with hard to find Motorama movies, photos of show cars, displays, artists' drawings, show preparation movies and stills, production cars and much more.

Each GM division (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac) is equally featured, showing both show cars and production models.

After all the Motoramas have been featured, we take you into the GM studios of the period to see some of the very talented and dedicated men who designed not only the production cars, but the Dream Cars as well.

If you enjoy GM cars of the forties, fifties and sixties and are looking for something new and very entertaining, this video is for you.  

Only $19.95 (VHS or DVD)

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If you love the 1957 Chevy, you'll want this video!

This 40 minute VHS video tape contains the following 1957 Chevrolet GM archive movies:

SAFETY BUILT IN:  All the new features of the '57 Chevrolet from bumper to bumper, with detail on safety and performance.                      
JET ACE: Detailing 1957 performance and the New Ramjet Fuel Injection system!  Featuring a 4-door hardtop with some footage of other body styles.                                                                                                 
MEETING THE CHALLENGE: Watch as a 1957 pickup climbs the side of Pike's Peak!!                                                                                    
TURBOGLIDE: Featuring the revolutionary new Turboglide transmission with the triple-turbine takeoff! 

Only $19.95 (VHS only)

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The 1957 Chevrolet has come to symbolize an era in American automobile history with its rakish tailfins, acres of chrome and functional beauty.  There's never been another car quite like it.

Chevrolet '57 Restoration Guide is the ultimate book of knowledge on these cars. As essential as a wrench for any work on a '57 Chevy. Here is a technical reference encyclopedia for collectors, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts.

Within this book are more than 440 pages of special dealers literature, rare documentary photos of cars straight from the assembly lines, insider's factory performance, specification charts, reprints of 1957 Chevrolet Service News, technical bulletins, blow-up drawings of parts, model-by-model details, fascinating trivia and more!


This book has become the standard source for accurate restoration, assembly, refurbishing and concours judging!  It includes:

Body, Paint and Trim
Engine, Transmission and Clutch
Interiors and Accessories
Chassis, Suspension and Drivetrain
Electrical Systems and Wiring
Service News and Technical Bulletins

The authors of this book have amassed a vast collection of information into this thoroughly documented, authoritative guide.  It's a must-have companion for the shop manual and parts books.

Only $29.95

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Fingertip Facts books for the 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets are full of details about each year's new models.

These are facsimile editions of the Fingertip Facts books, which Chevrolet originally produced for use by dealership sales staff.

These books provide a fascinating look at how the famous Tri-Chevys were promoted and sold in the fifties, and they offer a wealth of information for enthusiasts, restorers and collectors.

Only $12.95 each



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